Our client is a software company committed to simplifying the complexity of software engineering through Application Mining solutions. Application Mining, pioneered by our client, is for computer programmers what Data Mining is for decision-makers. By facilitating understanding of the internal structure of applications, Application Mining gives IT directors - and their teams - a greater mastery of the software and truly superior responsiveness to change.






A Presales Engineer builds customer relationships and supports customer satisfaction by acting as the expert on the technologies involved. Customer presentations and product demonstrations are conducted together with sales representatives. The mutual goal is to turn the technology into real business solutions and bring value to the customers. All newly hired must be prepared to spend several weeks in Paris for training.

Market positioning:

Analysts recognise the organisation as the only Application Mining vendor for distributed and Internet-based applications, making it the clear leader in the Application Analysis & Mining Market. The Gartner Group described the company as having "unique technology". Major software vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle have also recognised the value of the technology for their prospects and customers. They have signed technical and co-marketing agreements with the company, thus setting up strategic world-wide alliances. One to three million developers are faced with complexity-related issues daily. They are convinced that a majority will eventually adopt Application Mining massively. Thanks to its superior technology, the company expects to be best positioned to serve them.


Engineers must have one to several years' experience on one of the major Databases or in Client/Server projects in general, not necessarily in Presales. Besides developer's skills, candidates should be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of software project related issues throughout the application life cycle (modelling, development, testing, release creation, maintenance, co-ordination of the team...) All positions require fluency in English and Dutch.

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